African Perioperative Research Group

The African Perioperative Research Group (APORG) was founded by Professor Bruce Biccard. 

APORG is a multidisciplinary, multi-country research network with over 500 sites in 36 African Countries. APORG has conducted ground-breaking studies, including the African Surgical Outcome Study. The Consortium has access to over 500 APORG-affiliated research sites in Africa for Global Surgery collaborations or research fellowships.

Research areas of interest:

  • Surgical outcomes in resource limited environments
  • Maternal health and outcomes
  • Paediatric surgical outcomes
  • Global surgical oncology
  • Workforce and surgical training
  • Surgical health management systems
  • Telemedicine and mobile technology

“Deaths following surgery are the third largest contributor to deaths globally. In Africa, nearly a billion people do not have access to safe and affordable surgery. The recent collaborative African Surgical Outcomes Study (ASOS) highlighted the limited human resources available to provide surgical care, and the resultant ‘failure to rescue’ which was associated with a perioperative mortality twice the global average. The distribution of surgeries in Africa differs from that of high-income countries, with one-third of all surgeries in Africa being caesarean sections, which is associated with a mortality rate 50 times higher than that reported in high-income countries. These startling perioperative outcomes have forged a large, informal collaborative across Africa, known as the African Peri-operative Research Group (APORG).

These clinician investigators have a desire to provide pragmatic solutions to improve perioperative outcomes in Africa, despite difficult resource-limited environments.”


Click the image above to listen to TopMedTalk presenter’s Desiree Chappell and Monty Mythen in conversation with Bruce Biccard, Salome Maswime and Paul Myles.

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