Technical Help Sheet


It’s the start of the conference and I can’t log in! What do I do?

We are sorry you are having issues logging in. The first thing to do is double check you are entering in the correct email (it will be the one you registered with) and the pin that has been sent to you. If you still can’t log in after this, please contact our helpful Support Team using the Get Support button on the conference platform.

I have lost my email with the pin you sent me and I can’t get it back. Can I still join the conference?

If you have misplaced your email containing your pin details, please firstly check your Spam/Junk folder in case it’s gone there. If it doesn’t appear here, you can contact our Support Team using the Get Support button .They will be able to regenerate your pin, but please note you must know the email address that you registered with so we can check we are giving the right person access.

I’ve entered the pin but I’m now locked out, who do I resolve this?

You may have entered your pin incorrectly, and similar to online banking our system will block incorrect pins to avoid misuse. We can easily resolve this for you by contacting the Support Team using the Get Support button they will be able to regenerate your pin for you to.

The live presentations are fuzzy and no amount of refreshing or buffering is making them better, why is this?

The system we use will scale the broadcast based on the performance of the end users (i.e. you) system and the available bandwidth. We suggest a minimum bandwidth of 8Mbps is good enough for a clear picture and enjoyable viewing experience.

I’ve had a disaster and the normal laptop I would use has broken, can I use a tablet (e.g. iPad) or my phone instead?

For the best viewing experience, we suggest that the conference should be watched using a laptop, desktop or tablet. However, you can use a phone, but please be aware that the picture quality may not be as good.

What’s the best browser to use for the best experience?

We recommend that you use Chrome to view all the live and pre-recorded content for the best viewing experience.

I’m enjoying watching the presentations, but I wondered if I could move the screens around or increase their size to see them better. Is this possible?

For best results, we recommend leaving the frames as they are but if you wanted to make a panel larger this is possible. You can do this by clicking the expand button in the corner of the panel.

My screen has gone blank/frozen, how do I fix it?

If this happens, we suggest you firstly try refreshing the page. This may prompt you to login again, so please do so using your registration email address and pin. If after this you still find you are having problems, please contact the Support Team using the Get Support button.

How do I use the Discussion Tables at EBPOM?

To access the discussion tables, select the ones you want

  1. Firstly login to the platform using Chrome
  2. Select a discussion room that you wish to visit. You may require a pin to access the table. The Support Team can give this to you. 
  3. When it loads, click allow on the chrome pop up that says allow access to your camera and microphone
  4. You will be in the meeting with video but muted,. To speak you can mute/unmute yourself to speak. 
  5. Hover over the bottom of the screen and unmute yourself with the microphone icon