EBPOM Online 2020

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EBPOM London 2020

How do I gain access to the conference?

Access to the conference will be via a special pin that we will send out to you. Using this in conjunction with the email you registered with will give you access to the conference platform. It will be similar to logging on to online banking.

I have a QR code on my ticket do I need this to access the conference too?

We are sorry that the QR code on your ticket may have caused confusion. You do not need this to access any of the course content, LIVE or pre-recorded. 
The pre-recorded sessions can be accessed via our dedicated e-learning platform – you will just need to Register on the platform (if you scroll down the page slightly you will see the link to do this) and you can then start watching the content at your own pace. 
The  LIVE content can be accessed using a PIN that will be emailed to you in the next 48 hours. The email will include the email address and PIN code you need to insert in the conference login page, and a link to the LIVE conference login page itself. You can find all of our agendas (LIVE and pre-recorded) on our main London page and again these will be accessible via the conference platform when you have your pin.

I’m confused about how the conference works; can you give me a breakdown?

As above, once you have logged onto the conference platform you will be able to access a few different areas which will include:

  • LIVE sessions
  • Pre-recorded sessions
  • A virtual expo featuring our sponsors and much more!

There are 12 main LIVE sessions that will take place from June 30th to July 2nd. Those sessions will include a panel of speakers during each session discussing the topic of interest. These panellists will have recorded additional material related to the topic that will be released for viewing from Saturday 27 June. Therefore, delegates will have the opportunity to watch this additional content prior to (or after) the LIVE session. Think of it as equivalent to background reading that you may have done when at University prior to lectures. The pre-recorded material will be available until the 9 July. Additional charges may apply after this period.

Once the LIVE session has finished, the LIVE session will also be available for viewing retrospectively for those who are not able to watch LIVE.

I’m still a bit confused about how it all works, is there a video I can watch?

EBPOM have produced a series of videos you can watch which will explain how the conference works. You can view these via Top Med Talks YouTube page here

If you still have any questions before or during the conference you can contact the Support Team via email or via the conference platform using the Get Support button when it goes live on the 30 June at 9am.

How do I register for the pre-record videos you have mentioned?

To access the pre-recorded content you will need to Register on our dedicated e-learning platform. When you reach the page you may have to scroll down slightly to find the Create Account button.
When you have signed up, you will automatically receive a verification code to your registered email. You will need to enter this on the e-learning platform to confirm your sign up, and then login using your registered email and chosen password. 
From here you will be able to view all the pre-recorded content at your own pace until the 9 July. 

I want to share my login, is this possible?

A few people have asked if they can share their login with colleagues as part of a socially distanced mini conference at work. We are more than happy for teams to do this but ask that each individual has already registered to facilitate individual participants can claim up to a maximum of 20 CPD points from the RCoA. You should also follow socially distancing rules put in place by the government and your hospital/place of work.

I can no longer attend, what do I need to do?

As the conference is online, you don’t need to “return” your ticket, but whilst you could pass it onto a colleague to use instead, please note the certificate for the conference is linked to your name.

I’ve seen there will be an opportunity to gain CME points, how will this work and what do I need to do?

As part of our EBPOM 2020 conference platform, you will be able to login to the dedicated CME space and apply for up to 20 CME points authorised by the Royal College of Anaesthesia (RCoA). We are also working on building a dedicated CME space where we will share content from our conferences around the world. This will be available to users all year round and will help you to build your perioperative medicine knowledge at your own pace.

The pre-recorded material will be available to view from the 27 June – 9 July via our dedicated e-learning platform. You can access the pre-recorded material by visiting our Education Centre booth on our Expo map.

The LIVE sessions will be screened live, but also will play again during the evening (BST) meaning those who are not able to watch live can still view the sessions at a time convenient for you.

More information about this new space will be available at a later date, but for now please enjoy EBPOM 2020.

It’s the start of the conference and I can’t log in! What do I do?

We are sorry you are having issues logging in. The first thing to do is double check you are entering in the correct email (it will be the one you registered with) and the pin that has been sent to you. If you still can’t log in after this, please click on the “Get Support” button on the login page in the bottom right hand corner and one of our Support Team staff will be able to assist you.

Abstract competition London 2020

Will I be able to show (either poster or oral presentation) of my work now the conference is online?

All abstracts must be represented in poster format (For more information, see the upcoming email Abstracts: The next steps…). Each poster presenter will be offered a 10- minute time slot to present ‘live’. In terms of the poster or oral presentations:

Poster Display **Updated for EBPOM Global 2020**
You will be invited via email to take part in a small group interactive forum. Each session will have a faculty member present and should last no longer than one-hour. Sessions will be held on Thursday 25th and Friday 26th June. Time-slots will be emailed to you directly. Prizes will be available for presentation, content and style.

Oral finalists
The next stage of marking will determine the oral finalists who will present their study
from the main stage ‘live’ at the conference. We will email the finalists by Monday 22nd June 2020. Each finalist will be given a time slot on Wednesday 30th June or Thursday 1st July of congress between 1500-1600 hours (British Summer Time; BST). So, please be aware of this date and try to keep those times free pending notification.

How do I get a certificate after the conference for my work portfolio?

Certificates will be sent to the lead author / corresponding author once the conference has finished. Please note this may take a few weeks to arrive due to the volume of entries.


How do I access the Expo for the conference?

There is a dedicated Expo map that you will find on the main EBPOM conference platform. From here you will be able to “visit” all our sponsors, as well as find out about educational opportunities and other EBPOM conferences.

Can I visit the Expo more than once?

The Expo will be open from the 27 June until the 3 July, so there is plenty of opportunity for you to visit the booths more than once throughout that time.

I want to become a virtual EBPOM Industry Partner, how do I do this?

You can get in touch with us either virtually via our EXPO Sales booth or by calling Mark on 07957 404831