Educational & Job Opportunities

Please see below for educational and job opportunities within perioperative medicine, that we have been made aware of via our partners. Details are correct at time of publishing. 

If you have an educational or job opportunity you would like to advertise, please get in touch via email. 

Human resilience – using extreme physiology (high altitude/space) to benefit patients

Funded PhD Project (UK Students Only)

Better biomarkers are urgently required to guide oxygen use in hospital patients. Supported by the European Space Agency and NIHR, this project will translate novel findings on oxygen-sensitive redox (oxidative stress), epigenetic and mitochondrial signalling pathways in extreme physiology environments (high altitude/space analogues) into new perioperative nutritional interventions.

Monash University & University College London 2023 Perioperative Medicine Short Course

The course has been developed as a collaboration between Perioperative Medicine experts at both Monash University and University College London and aims to provide a comprehensive overview of topics considered important in the field. 

Data acquisition and modelling to understand surgical risk CIPHER (Continuous, Iterative, Perioperative, Holistic  Evaluation of Risk)

Do you have a background in science, mathematics or informatics? Do you want to work at the
cutting-edge of data driven risk prediction for patients undergoing surgery? The NIHR Southampton
BRC has an opportunity for a funded PhD working at the interface of computational modelling and
medical care. The project involves aggregating diverse sources of real-world patient data, including
both existing electronic systems and novel sources, like wearable technology. This data will then be
used to develop and implement risk models to predict patient outcomes around the time of surgery.
These models will be applied to inform shared decision making with patients about what care they
receive and how it is delivered. This work will improve our understanding of risk, improving the
experience and care of patients as well as helping the NHS make optimal use of resources.

The University College London Hospitals Fellowship in Perioperative Medicine (ST3+ LEVEL)

Candidates are invited to apply for our new and exciting post aimed at senior trainees / post-CCT doctors in Anaesthesia/Critical Care Medicine. Our objective is to develop future leaders in this important emerging field.  

We offer a one-year fixed term contract with a start date of Wednesday 23rd August 2023 and 7th February 2024 (a six month contract could be considered)