Founded in July 2015, OBRIZUM® Group Ltd. is a business-to-business digital learning technology company headquartered in Cambridge, UK.

The Company’s flagship offering is the award-winning OBRIZUM® software platform which automates the creation of adaptive digital-learning programmes for large organisations that want to deliver scalable training, compliance, certification, or market intelligence activities to internal staff and/or external clients.

OBRIZUM®’s bespoke artificial intelligence technology allows companies to automatically produce and deploy highly personalised digital learning and assessment activities which are then analysed and charted in real-time. In 2019 the OBRIZUM® platform was awarded ‘AI Innovation of the Year’ by the Digital Leaders 100 and in 2020, the Company was voted Top 13 for Digital Learning Environment in Europe as part of the ‘EdTech100’ by HolonIQ. In 2021 Obrizum Group Ltd became the official adaptive digital learning partner of Capita Plc, the U.K. market leader in learning and development outsourcing.

The management team at Obrizum Group boasts 7 PhDs and the Company’s commitment to technological innovation in digital learning has been recognised and supported by U.K. Research & Innovation.

The Obrizum Group team regularly shares thought leadership insights with the learning and development community alongside leaders like Capita, the Learning Performance Institute, CogX, EdTechX and the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE). In addition to world-class team learning technology, the Company is able to provide a one-stop-shop for adaptive learning which includes the production of engaging digital multimedia content via Obrizum Media (‘OM’) its in-house digital creative agency.

OM offers a range of services including, but not limited to: creative video production, animation, motion graphics, illustration, virtual reality, professional voiceovers and localisation services. The Company’s Chairman is Professor Hugh Montgomery, a world-renowned Professor, consultant physician, scientist, and learning enthusiast.


Create learning fast using OBRIZUM®’s artificial intelligence:

OBRIZUM® can ingest learning materials in a wide variety of multimedia formats and uses proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to form a multidimensional content network (‘Knowledge Space’). With OBRIZUM®, almost any content can be integrated into an adaptive and tailored digital experience, so existing digital learning material can be leveraged alongside other useful content like PDF documents, videos, podcasts, slide decks, infographics, and even virtual reality. 

Individually tailored training powered by artificial intelligence.

The platform’s AI algorithms navigate users through content and assessments in real time, sending learners on a highly efficient, precision-personalised journey which matches their level of understanding, confidence, interests and needs.

Get analytical insights and make data-driven decisions.

Using the platform’s real-time analytics dashboards, learners can quickly take stock of their progress and company leaders can better map the knowledge and skill capital of their organisations. For the first time, digital learning can provide deeper and more meaningful insights which empower data-driven decisions about skills development, career trajectories, and overall business performance.


Obrizum and TopMedTalk have partnered together to bring you access to Perioperative content alongside self-assessment learning so that you can stay up-to-date with the latest developments in Perioperative Medicine, at your own pace.

TopMedTalk are excited to announce that the Knowledge Space, The Prehabilitation Primer, is now live.  Although OBRIZUM® specializes in adaptive learning, as a Primer Package, this space has been designed to have a linear pathway.

Using TopMedTalk content from prehabilitation Specialists at EBPOM 2020 Conference, this platform will provide you with expert knowledge and a unique assessment experience – soon to be accredited with CME points