EBPOM Dingle 2020 - Poster Forum 2

  • DG2003 Krupa Basavaraj – Unilateral Horner’s syndrome following epidural anaesthesia for a trial of labour
  • DG2009 Geoffrey Wigmore – Compliance with the three-point smoking cessation strategy (A-A-R=Ask, Advise, Refer) in the preoperative assessment environment
  • DG2011  Claire Healy – An Audit Investigating Perioperative Fasting Times in Geriatric patients with Neck of Femur and Lower Limb Fragility Fractures
  • DG2014  Claire Healy – Practical skills in a Pandemic: Teaching hands on skills, virtually
  • DG2015  Kenneth Gary Rodgers – The incidence and importance of anaemia in patients undergoing liver resection surgery
  • DG2028 Harry Barclay – Ketofol for changes of dressings in Burns ICU patients
  • DG2029 Robert Lee – Safe Epidural Labelling in a Tertiary Centre in the West of Ireland, An Audit
  • DG2030 Robert Lee – Assessment and Monitoring During Electroconvulsive Therapy Under General Anaesthesia at a Tertiary Centre in the West of Ireland, An Audit
  • DG2060 Amie Patel – Fit for Surgery: A study to explore the potential for a prehabilitation program for patients undergoing major surgery

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