EBPOM Dingle 2020 - Poster Forum 6

  • DG2006 Eugene Wang – Impact of perioperative benzodiazepines on post-operative cognitive decline in adult surgery patients
  • DG2008 Antonia Snell – Pre-operative Hyponatraemia
  • DG2023 Jennfier Roe – Suitability of patients for enhanced care at Burnley General Hospital
  • DG2036 Joanne Fish – Retrospective Audit to Assess Immediate Post-Operative Central & Peripheral Temperatures on arrival to Intensive Care following Cardiac Surgery in Cork University Hospital.
  • DG2042 Eleanor O’Riordan – Spinal Anaesthetic after Spontaneous Dural Tear in an Obstetric Patient
  • DG2047 Frederick Hull & Anthony Huckle – Optimising perioperative analgesia in ACL repairs (Audit)
  • DG2051 Joanne Fish – An Analysis Of Ventilatory Requirements, Temperature, Intensive Care Stay & Hospital Mortality Following Aortic Surgery             
  • DG2056 Eoghan Farrell – Walkie-Talkies in Improving Communication Between COVID and non-COVID teams in Theatre and Critical Care – A Quality Improvement Project
  • DG2073 Devesh Shah – Prevalence of undiagnosed cognitive impairment at pre-operative assessment and the implication on informed consent in elective surgery.                 

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