Anna Batchelor

Anna trained in anaesthesia and ICM and works in Newcastle upon Tyne. She is a past President of the Intensive Care Society, a past Dean of the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine and a past member of Council of the Royal College of Anaesthetists. She was one of the first formal trainees in ICM in the UK and then many years later co-authored the Curriculum for training in Intensive Care Medicine for the CCT in ICM. A problem solver and poker of the status quo working with DH she developed the Advanced Critical Care Practitioner Programme to help us fill the enormous hole appearing in critical care staffing. She tried to retire in June 2016 and managed to spend a year working part time before being hijacked by the Getting It Right First Time (GIRFT) programme which in surgery at least has shown the way to reduce variation, improve effectiveness and efficiency and patient outcomes. She is worried ICM might be a bit more tricky than that.

Having spent 18 years travelling up and down the East Coast mainline she is hoping soon to do less of that and devote more time to skiing sailing, gardening and travelling in “Herman the German” our family motorhome. This year the skiing has worked well but the weather has been less conducive to the other pursuits. Against all common sense she keeps signing up for ridiculous challenges in a vain attempt to keep fit.