James Durrand

James is the currently an ST4 in the Northern School of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care. He qualified from Manchester University in 2011. Following an academic foundation programme in the North East he has completed an NIHR academic clinical fellowship in anaesthesia alongside ACCS and higher speciality training in anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine. He is currently out of programme studying for a PhD based at the Northumbria University Department of Sport, Exercise and rehabilitation.

As a member of the anaesthesia and perioperative medicine research team at the James Cook University Hospital he has been involved in the development of the PREPWELL community-based multimodal prehabilitation service and developed resources to support primary care clinicians in preparing patients for surgery.

His PhD thesis is focussed on the development of a facilitated self-managed or ‘home-based’ prehabilitation option for patients approaching major non-cardiac surgery.