Feras Hatib

Dr. Feras Hatib is the Vice President of the R&D Algorithms & Signal Processing organization for Critical Care and Vascular at Edwards Lifesciences in Irvine California. 

During his 19-year tenure with Edwards, Feras has led multiple novel product development R&D programs, which resulted in the creation of several novel medical devices that were critical to improve care and clinical outcomes of acute care patients. Under his leadership, Edwards LiveScience’s Critical Care developed several important devices, such as devices for Cardiac Output and Hemodynamic Monitoring. These devices have become standard of care in many clinical settings throughout the world. More recently, Feras led the team that developed the newly launched Edwards LiveScience’s Hypotension Prediction Index technology, based on Artificial Intelligence algorithms, allowing prediction of hypotension within 15 minutes prior to hypotensive events. This technology allows proactive treatment to prevent hypotension in acute care patients.

Feras has a PhD in Biomedical Engineering and an MS degree in Electrical Engineering and holds numerous patents. He spent the first half of his career in academia and research and has been a post-doctoral fellow and a research scientist at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine prior to joining the industry