James French

Consultant Anaesthetist, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust (City Hospital)

James’ area of interest is mostly in upper limb anaesthesia, specialising in work with the Nottingham Shoulder Unit. He maintains a general regional interest with a troubleshooting role for upper limb, lower limb and abdominal blocks, with a growing use of continuous infusion techniques. He is a generalist by definition, regularly anaesthetising for breast and urology surgery along with general flexible cover at a large teaching hospital.

He is interested in pushing forward training for regional anaesthesia, especially in competency assessment and education. He regularly teaches on regional anaesthesia courses, and is associated with the Regional Anaesthesia UK (RA-UK � previously RAGBI / ESRA UK) as a member of the Nerve Imaging Group, a special interest group who’s aim is to further the understanding and uptake of ultrasound-guided regional anaesthesia. He also holds the European Society of Regional Anaesthesia Diploma of Regional Anaesthesia.

To James, the most exciting thing to happen in regional anaesthesia is the introduction of ultrasound-guidance for peripheral nerve blockade. As a trainee, a clinical fellow post in Nottingham allowed him to explore this exciting new development, using both 2D machines and finding novel uses for 3D/4D technology. He is certain that support for ultrasound-guidance will continue to grow, especially once the evidence-base has strengthened to support it as the way forward. Why stumble in the dark when you can turn on the lights to help guide you?