James Fullerton

Dr James Fullerton is an NIHR Lecturer in Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics at University College London (UCL) and Honorary Specialist Registrar at UCL Hospital. He has previously studied Experimental Psychology at Oxford University and Medicine at the University of Birmingham before completing a PhD at UCL, exploring the contribution of inflammation-induced eicosanoids to innate immune suppression.

His current research focuses on the detection, measurement and impact of immune competence on clinical outcomes following systemic inflammation, most notably major surgery. Using a combination of clinically-derived samples and experimental medicine studies in healthy volunteers, he hopes to develop personalised medicine strategies that target pathological immune dysfunction. Clinically, he is a ‘specialist generalist’, interested in improving the outcomes of deteriorating or ‘at-risk’ patients, particularly those in the postoperative period. He is the Medical Lead for TRIPOM, sits on the Resuscitation Council ALS Subcommittee and Deputy Head of the Centre for Precision Therapeutics, Division of Medicine, UCL.