Hilmy Ismail

Hilmy is an anaesthetist and perioperative physician at the Peter MacCallum Cancer in Melbourne, Australia.

He has been integral in the setting up of a perioperative prehabilitation service which includes Shared Decision Making, CPET, Medical optimization, Surgery School and Allied Health Optimization services over the last decade.

This service has been recognized by State Health Services in Victoria, Australia. Of special interest to this forum, the service received the Brian Whipp Award for his Presentation on Community Prehabilitation at EPBOM in London, ten years ago, in 2013.

His recent interests have been in the field of health informatics and digital Learning Health Systems. He has just completed a 12-month Fellowship with the Centre for Digital Transformation of Health at the University of Melbourne and hopes to apply his learnings to implement transformative changes in the way data is managed and harnessed to facilitate research and clinical outcomes in perioperative medicine.