Anton Krige

I have been a Consultant in Intensive Care & Anaesthesia at the Royal Blackburn Hospital since 2005 and introduced Enhanced Recovery Programmes to the Trust in 2008, including a CPET clinic, first in colorectal surgery and subsequently all major surgery. I continue to clinically lead all ERPs locally at a strategic level. I served as Anaesthetic member of the NW SHA ERP Advisory Board in 2010/2011, and have continued in advisory capacity to AQuA (Advancing Quality Alliance) who now oversees ERP for the North West. During this period I was a clinical advisor for the NCEPOD Perioperative Care Project (Knowing the Risk), and developed several related research interests in critical care and perioperative care. I currently hold a NIHR research grant for a perioperative analgesic intervention RCT. I introduced NIHR multicentre research to our critical care unit from 2008 and have served as Co-convener for the Critical Care SG for the Cumbria & Lancashire CLRN since 2010 along with my role as Associate Medical Director for Research & Development for East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust.