Graciela Martinez-Palli

Graciela is a Consultant in the Department of Anaesthesia and Perioperative Care at Hospital Clinic, Barcelona. She attends as anaesthesiologist for oncologic digestive surgery and liver transplantation. She has been particularly involved in the pre-operative assessment in high risk patients in this setting. She has been actively involved in prehabilitation since 2013, both as a research project and as a clinical part of the pre-operative optimization process enhancing the high risk surgical patient’s recovery. She is currently the leader of the Barcelona Hospital Clinic preHAB Group which initially focussed on patients underwent major abdominal surgery. The program has grown to include additional surgical specialties (gynaecologic, thoracic, cardiac and urologic surgeries). A multidisciplinary team very committed work together with the aim of improving the preoperative physical condition and surgical outcomes.