Gerrit Slooter

MD, PhD, Surgical Oncologist, Maxima Medical Centre, The Netherlands

Gerrit Slooter and his team initiated the 2018 Prehabilitation World Conference in Eindhoven and is co-organiser of the 2019 event in London He has been working as a surgical oncologist at Máxima Medical Center for 18 years. His special fields of interest are colorectal, liver, adrenal and hernia surgery. Gerrit is board member of the Dutch Society of Endoscopic Surgery (NVEC) and the Workgroup for Innovative and Endoscopic Surgery (WIEC). Inspired by prof. Carli he and his team set up the PREHAB study. This international RCT investigates whether four weeks of multimodal prehabilitation can reduce complications, save costs and increase QoL. The study will include over 700 patients and is conducted by a consortium of nine hospitals in seven countries.

Gerrit Slooter and his multidisciplinary team organise monthly “Colorectal Care 3.0” courses on pathway innovations including prehabilitation. They help international teams to adopt a revolutionary approach in personalised patient management.
“Stop talking, start walking“

For his involvement in teaching laparoscopic surgery in Central America he was installed as fellow of the Caribbean College of Surgeons and as Honorary Member of the Caribbean Society of Endoscopic Surgeons.