Malcolm West

Mr Malcolm A. West MD PhD FRCS (Ed) FRCS(Eng)

Malcolm is a National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) funded clinical lecture in surgery and a
colorectal and exenterative surgeon at the University of Southampton, United Kingdom. He has
completed a PhD in exercise physiology, perioperative surgical risk stratification, prehabilitation and
mitochondrial energetics. During his PhD Malcolm was the Clinical Lead for the Perioperative
CardioPulmonary Exercise Testing service at University Hospitals Aintree, Liverpool, UK.
His main aim is to improve perioperative outcomes in patients undergoing major surgery. He is
achieving this by reducing the variability around the perioperative period utilising objective risk
stratification and tailored multimodal prehabilitation interventions. His research interests include
interrogating the pathophysiological mechanisms of changing fitness, nutrition, body composition and
mitochondrial function with cancer therapies and the implementation of prehabilitation interventions
to rescue and improve metabolic health, physiological resilience and cancer outcomes.

Malcolm has published extensively with significant high impact papers published in the past few
years. Malcolm was awarded the British Journal of Surgery, John Farndon Prize in 2015 and again in
2017 for his research in predicting surgical outcomes using CPET. Malcolm is a senior co-investigator
for WesFit – The Wessex Fit-4-Cancer Surgery Trial and is chief investigator for the FrOGS (Frailty
and Sarcopenia Outcomes in Emergency General Surgery) study. He is currently the Association Of
Surgeons Great Britain and Ireland Moynihan Travelling Fellow for 2020-2021 and has been awarded
the Minimally Invasive Maximally Invasive Colorectal Cancer (MiMiCC) Surgery Fellowship at St.
Mark’s Hospital, London.