11th POQI Conference on Best Practices in Perioperative Medicine

LIVE in London

05 July 2023

Broadcast by TopMedTalk

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11th POQI Conference on Best Practices in Perioperative Medicine

EBPOM is delighted to host the 11th POQI conference at this years event. This year the conference is focused on updating their prior recommendations in three key areas – Goal Directed Hemodynamic Management, Perioperative Blood Pressure, and Fluid Therapy in Perioperative Medicine. 

On day 2 (Wednesday 5th July) a large plenary group (n=150) of practising perioperative clinicians will assemble at the Institute of Education in order to “pressure test” the recommendations of the small group of the previous day. The format will be open debate, and each set of recommendations will be discussed in a separate session. To read more about the conference and see the agenda for Day 2 please click the button below. This event will take place at the Institute of Education within the Elvin Hall. 

Tickets are available for Day 2 of the event at a cost of £300 and can be booked below (select 11th POQI from the dropdown menu).

If you have already booked for the 3 day EBPOM event you are able to attend free of charge instead of the main programme in the Logan Hall. We ask that you let us know in advance (where possible) that you wish to attend this event instead via email. 


Hotel accomodation is not included in your ticket price, but there are lots of hotels to suit all budgets in the local area. Click here for a download of some options.

Meeting Directors

  • Professor Monty Mythen
  • Professor Andy Shaw

Scientific Faculty

Gudrun Kunst (Co-chair)
Mark Edwards (Co-chair)
Tim Miller
Rupert Pearse
Desiree Chappell
TJ Gan

Blood Pressure
Dan Sessler (Co-chair)
Bernd Saugel (Co Chair)
Vicki Morton
Paul Myles
Nick Fletcher
Jacob Raphael

Marlies Ostermann (Co-chair)
Alex Zarbock (Co-chair)
Monty Mythen
Andy Shaw
Georg Auzinger
Lui Forni

Venue Accessibility

You can learn more about the IOE accesibility here.

If you have any particular requirements, please let the EBPOM team know via email.

Booking T&C


Elvin Hall within IOE

The UCL Institute of Education, 20 Bedford Way, London WC1H 0AL

20 Bedford Way is one of the best examples of Brutalist architecture in London. Grade II listed, it is “a gorgeous hunk of a building”

Download a venue map by clicking the button below:

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11th POQI Conference on Best Practices in Perioperative Medicine  – please select 11 POQI from the drop down menu


Day Ticket

11th POQI Conference – Wednesday 5 July only£300

Please select 11 POQI from the drop down menu to book

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