EBPOM Dingle 2020 - Poster Gallery

This year we had over 70 entries to our abstract competition from a wide range of specialities and from all over the world. 

As part of the EBPOM Dingle 2020 virtual meeting, two of our Faculty members, Professor Mike Grocott and Professor Monty Mythen, held a series of poster forums between the 2nd – 6th October 2020 where abstract authors were able to present their work via a video call. 

Each one-hour forum was limited to a maximum of 9 posters, allowing enough time for all presenters to discuss their own work while also being able to ask and answer each other’s questions, including those asked by the Faculty members.

On the following pages you can find all the final posters presented as part of these forums. A list of presenters and poster title can be found at the top of each forum page.

Poster Forum 1

Poster Forum 2

Poster Forum 3

Poster Forum 4

Poster Forum 5

Poster Forum 6

Poster Forum 7

Poster Forum 8